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The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) has developed a cutting edge system to evaluate and develop a customized golf fitness program to help every golfer at any level to improve thier game.

Dr. Crouch's training as a Chiropractor and Certified Golf Fitness Instructor enables him to evaluate and correct the physical limitations that affect your golf swing. Dr. Crouch's uses his knowlege of the body and the TPI analysis system to find the best way to improve the efficiency, mobility, and longevity of your golf swing.

Most golf professionals today work closely with a Golf Fitness Expert to help strengthen thier game, reduce the risks of injury, and to improve thier swing. To take your game to the next level you must get the edge on your competition!

The TPI program will help you MAXIMIZE your GAME!

Dr. Crouch explains the Program...

"Each client is evaluated using a golf specific functional evaluation which enables us to determine how your body is working throughout your golf swing. This program evaluates all areas of the body and identifies where areas of weakness and physical limitations may occur as it relates to the golf swing.

The initial evaluation typically takes about one hour to complete. From these findings, I work directly with the Titleist Performance Institute to develop a specific fitness program to address any areas of weakness or limitation.

Once the client's program has been developed the TPI website ( gives us the ability to provide them with a workout that is easy to administer, simple to follow, and produces maximum results.

By using the MyTPI website each client will have thier very own personal trainer built right into the computer program. They are able to view pictures and video of every exercise I have put into thier workout, chart thier progress, and even set email workout reminders.

After they complete the workout series, which is usually about six weeks, I perform a re-evaluation to check for improvements and make a new program based on those findings.

Often times a client may also have concerns regarding a particular pain or joint immoblity at which I will also address those concerns and make appropriate recommendations."

If you truly want to improve your golf game, reduce the risks of injuries, and maximize your golf swing then you need to eliminate your weaknesses and physical limitations. This is exactly what the Pros do and the TPI Golf Fitness Program will help you do just that!

To Learn More about the TPI Program go to:

Fees: Dr. Crouch's fee of $300 is based on his time invested into your program which typically consists of 3 to 5 hours.

Contact Dr. Brandon Crouch To Schedule Your Golf Fitness Evaluation and Take Your Game To The Next Level!


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