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Family Care (Family, Pediatric, Pregnancy)


Our office is committed to providing great chiropractic care for families in our community. Regardless of how you become hurt (auto accident, work accident, or at home) we provide care for any member of your family. Often we meet families of which the entire family is living on one or more medications, who have been dealing with the same health challenges for weeks, months, and even years. America is starting to realize that drugs seldom fix the problem. They may temporarily alleviate the symptoms, but if mom continues to suffer from headaches, dad continues to have back problems, and little Johnny still has allergies, then there is another CAUSE to their health challenges.

Chiropractic for me and my family? Why? We don't have back or neck pain. If you are wondering about the answer to this question, you'll want to read on.

As chiropractors, we often encounter those who understand the importance of regular exams for their entire family's eyes, hearing, and teeth, but who overlook routine family spinal check-ups. In fact, they could be the most important check-ups you and your family can receive.

Today, people just like you are choosing safe, natural, chiropractic care to help maximize their own natural healing. Parents of children who receive regular chiropractic care often report that their kids seem healthier than other children; they get fewer colds and other childhood diseases. Adults experiencing regular Chiropractic Care often report improvement in all areas of life including decreased physical symptoms and overall improved quality of life.


So what can cause spinal misalignments and nerve stress in a child? One of the most traumatic physical stresses a child faces is birth. Then they fall learning to crawl, walk, and run. After they've mastered that, they begin to play sports and sit at school desks all day. Spinal degeneration has been documented as starting as early as the teenage years, indicating there was an underlying spinal problem that was never corrected as a child.

Families who seek chiropractic care together get healthy and well together. Chiropractic Care works with the inner wisdom of the body that is designed to continually work towards keeping every individual healthy. If you're not healthy, you must ask yourself why? Why do some get sick every time the weather changes when others do not. When two people who share the same experiences, why does one get sick and the other does not. Your entire body, including your immune system is controlled through your Nervous System. Doctors of Chiropractic work with the Spine and Nervous System to help you reach your FULL potential. For many people this can result in less pain, better rest, more energy, less sickness, fewer allergies, and a greater quality of life.

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"Ready or not...Here I come!" Wow! This is the most important time in your life. You are preparing your body to bring a new life into this world. While being a beautiful experience, the process of caring for your unborn child can be a very demanding and stressful time for you. While your hormones race, your physical body goes through rapid changes and along the way the emotions you try to understand come in many different waves. But rest easy! You were born to do just that. You were born to handle all those changes and more. You are a superwoman, made perfectly to face this new adventure.

We here at Crouch Family Chiropractic are dedicated to helping women just like you have the best experience possible through the pregnancy, labor, and birth. Why? Chiropractic care has been utilized for years by expecting mothers. Research shows that not only do women experience less pain and discomfort through their pregnancy, but also easier and quicker deliveries.


So how does this work? As you go through the many changes during pregnancy, so does your body and pelvis. If you have a subluxation, (Link to: What's a subluxation?) this can lead to muscle spasms, inflammation, nerve irritation, and intrauterine constraint. We utilize safe chiropractic techniques to remove the areas of subluxation, relax the pelvis and spine, and decrease the intrauterine constraint.

We are also trained in using the Webster Technique which aids in relieving the musculoskeletal causes of intrauterine constraint. We use this technique on expecting moms to help insure less constraint and aid in proper turning of the baby.


Our Pediatric and Pre-natal Training:

Besides the normal pediatric education acquired during Chiropractic School, both Doctors Brandon and Chantelle Crouch have completed an additional year (120 hours of post graduate training) in pediatric and pre-natal care through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. They also have over a decade of patient care in their private family practice in Bowling Green, KY. This training detailed the needs and information to give excellent care to both the expecting mother and the newborn child.


Chiropractic Care benefits During Pregnancy


Medical Doctor speaks about Holistic Pediatric Healthcare.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care for Children?


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