Chiropractic Testimonials


"I began coming to Crouch Family Chiropractic to try to find a way to alleviate some of the back and neck pain I had been dealing with since 1995. I had sarcoidosis which had affected my lungs, muscles, and nerves, and I had to use a wheelchair for a considerable length of time. My M.D. prescribed medications for the pain and inflammation, and side effects developed that had to be treated with more medications. At one point my medications tallied from $2500 to $2800 every three months! These medications gave minimal relief and added new medical problems. Before coming to Crouch Family Chiropractic, I had difficulty walking, going up stairs or ramps, standing more than two minutes, and turning my head. I also had bad headaches. Since I've started coming to Crouch Family Chiropractic, I have stopped all my medicines with the exception of my blood pressure medication and an occasional anti-inflammatory. I'm not in constant pain, headaches have subsided, mobility has improved greatly, and traveling in a vehicle is with minimal discomfort. Coming to the office has been a pleasant experience. The staff is great, answer all my questions and the atmosphere is peaceful and calm. When it's said that proper spinal alignment can help your body function as it was created to do, you can believe it."

- Sharon D.


"I first visited Crouch Family Chiropractic because I was having three migraines a month. When I was under extreme stress I would have the migraines about once a week! This started when I was 16 years old. My medical doctor put me on a prescription medication to prevent the migraines and another prescription to take when I developed one. I still had migraines, even with medications. By the time I first came to Crouch Family Chiropractic, I had been dealing with this health challenge for six years! I have now been under regular chiropractic care at Crouch Family Chiropractic for the past six months. In the last six months, I have had only two migraines! I am completely off ALL my medication. I feel so much better! The whole staff at Crouch Family Chiropractic is awesome. You are always greeted with a smile. Everyone there is so friendly and concerned about your health and well-being. I would recommend anyone who has a history of headaches or migraines to discover chiropractic at Crouch Family Chiropractic. Chiropractic Works!"

- Rebecca G.


"Before choosing Crouch Family Chiropractic, I had been suffering from lower back pain for more than four years! My back pain affected my entire quality of life. It not only affected my daily activities but also my ability to have a good restful sleep at night. When my back pain first began I went to my Medical Doctor, when he did not help the problem, he referred me to an Orthopedic Doctor. When the Orthopedic Doctor's treatment did not help, he sent me to Physical Therapy, which still did not help the pain. After all this I decided this must be something that I would just have to tolerate and learn to live with, until all of a sudden the pain became so bad I could hardly walk. I knew I had to have some help, so I went to the yellow pages for a Chiropractor and found Crouch Family Chiropractic. From the first phone call I was greeted with a very pleasant voice and lots of informative information about their services. I made my first visit appointment and met with Dr. Crouch. He seemed concerned about the pain I was experiencing and was also very informing about chiropractic care. When I first started my chiropractic care plan, I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical, but my pain was so horrible I was willing to give it a try. WOW! What a wonderful surprise. After about three weeks the pain in my back began to ease up, and after each adjustment I could tell a difference. My entire quality of life has improved including being able to get a good night of rest being able to sleep. After four years of back pain, I believe with the help of Crouch Family Chiropractic, that I am on the road to being totally free of pain and to a better, healthier, quality of life."

- Ann S.


"I first came to Crouch Family Chiropractic because I was having difficulties with my back. When I decided that I would give chiropractic a shot and came in to see Dr. Brandon Crouch, I told him my dilemma. If he could help me play sports without the pain, I’d come back. If he couldn’t then I wouldn’t be back. I gave him 30 days and I saw a tremendous improvement! I'm convinced 100% that adjustments have changed my life."

- Caleb H.


"I injured my back in August of 2006. I went to my GP and was told to take anit-inflammatory pain medication. Well, I did and ended up in so much pain that I was popping just around 12 ibuprofen a day! I then developed Reflux so you can imagine what kind of shape I was in day in and day out. I had thought many many times about seeing a Chiropractor, but I was afraid. What I realize now was that I was just uneducated on what Chiropractic care is and how vital it is to our everyday health and well being. I began seeing Dr. Crouch in June of 2007 and to this day I am a happier, healthier person. It is amazing how pain can make you a grumpy, miserable person. Now I am on the road of recovery and my personality shows it!

My children are now in Dr.Crouch's care. My daughter was having bladder control issues and had been under the care of a Urologist for over a year. She was on bladder control medication and every time we would try to wean her off the medicine she would start having accidents again. In talking with Dr. Crouch and reading all the material he had given me, he told me he thought he could help her. Sure enough, she has a slight curve in her spine that was directly causing her bladder problems. With Dr. Crouch's help, she is now medicine free and having less and less "accidents." He has not only helped her physically, he has helped her self-esteem. Less tears and embarrasing moments. _My son is physically hard on his body because he is an athlete. Dr. Crouch has helped him on a maintenance basis just to keep his body in line and healthy. Chiropractic care gives him more flexibility, better balance, and more energy in a natural way. Both my children love being under Dr. Crouch's care.They can FEEL the difference it makes in their lives. Overall, my children and I have been healthier and happier. Less medical doctor visits, less antibiotics, and more good days than bad. Isn't that the life we should all strive to have?"

- Lisa P.


"I had back problems that doctors in Nashville could not fix. I dealt with the pain for one year. Before coming to here I had taken pain medication and shots to the spine. None of these things relieved my pain. I did not consult a chiropractor sooner because I had been raised to go to the medical doctor for everything. Since starting chiropractic care I am feeling much better and getting better every day. I am doing things that I have not done in years. You cannot imagine how much you mean to me. You are all like family to me because I know you care! I love you all very much thank you for everything."

- Sherry K.


"It wasn’t until I met Dr. Brandon Crouch at a local health fair, which got me interested in chiropractic care. His manner and the way he spoke of back problems just gleamed throughout his face and I knew I had to try it. After all, I had been dealing with back problems for a far back as I could remember. I had always used medications to only subside the problem temporarily. I eventually accepted it as a part of my life and learned to cope with it. Now that I have been coming to Crouch Family Chiropractic I feel as if I’ve been reborn! I use medications less, my depression is gone, posture has improved, and my energy has returned! Just the other day my daughter-in-law told me that I haven’t looked and moved this well in years! Coming into the office for my visits is always a blessing. I can’t think of one improvement there would need to be. Everyone always has a smile on their face and shows a genuine interest in whatever I have to say. You truly make me feel like I am important and an extended member of your families!"

- Carol K


“We had just moved to the area and I injured my back when moving boxes around in our new house. I wasn’t familiar with any chiropractors in town, and decided to check the Yellow Pages for one. I had been dealing with the pain in my back for about 2 weeks. I wasn’t able to fully bend over, or lay on my back for an extended period of time. I tried resting, using over the counter pain medication, ice packs, and a heating pad. Nothing seemed to really work. After coming in to see Dr. Brandon Crouch my overall back health has improved tremendously. Range of motion, ability to lift correctly, walking, sitting for long periods of time and much more are all improved. My sinus problems have also been treated!"

- Caroline M.


"I am in to see the doctors at Crouch Family Chiropractic due to some lower back problems I was having. I had been dealing with the pain from this problem for 14 years! I had done nothing to fix the problem on my own and knew that my problem needed to be taken care of. I had sought out chiropractors before but never started a routine of care until I meet with Dr. Crouch. I could not have found a friendly person! Since coming into the office on a regular basis, I am finally free from all the back pain that I had suffered with for so long! Coming to Crouch Family Chiropractic is great because everyone is so friendly and they are all wonderful at what they do!”

- Eric K.


"I began to visit Crouch Family Chiropractic in hopes of eliminating some chronic tension in my neck and shoulders, due in part to my working at a computer for several hours a day. I had never been to a chiropractor before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but within a month I found I could turn my head much more freely and was now able for the first time in years to look comfortably over my shoulder when driving. At about the same time I began having pain in my hands and wrists, which was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis. My medical doctors prescribed drug treatments, which I began while I also continued with the chiropractic care as a means of helping my body heal itself by being in proper alignment. The rheumatologist had not given me a very positive outlook about the RA, since this autoimmune disease is considered incurable. I was told that drugs could control the symptoms, but only for a time, and I would have to submit to stronger (i.e., more toxic and expensive) drugs for the rest of my life or suffer irreversible joint damage and crippling if I didn’t. It was not a very hopeful message! The drugs initially gave me some relief from the pain in my hands and wrists, which was preventing me from even being able to hold a toothbrush in one hand. But over the course of a few weeks, that pain returned and I experienced additional pain in my knees, feet, and leg muscles, so much so that I could barely walk at times or drive a car safely. When I asked the rheumatologist if these increasing symptoms could be side effects of the drugs, he insisted it was due to the progression of the disease. At the same time, Dr. Brandon encouraged me to pay attention to what I was eating, and I began to revise my diet and eliminated as many chemicals and food additives as I could from what I was eating and drinking. After reading everything I could find on RA, both from the medical literature and from the viewpoint of natural healing methods, I decided to forego the drug treatments and try a more holistic approach to the problem. I can report today that my condition has gradually improved to the point where most people would not know I had a problem. My medical doctors are pretty astounded at my improvement, telling me that they have never seen an RA patient do as well as I have! I personally give a great deal of credit for this to the regular chiropractic adjustments and to Dr. Brandon’s encouragement to keep my body healthy through excellent nutrition, drinking lots of water, and exercising in whatever way I can, given the limitations I’ve had over the last three years. I am deeply grateful for the help that Crouch Family Chiropractic has given me in attaining much greater health through natural means. The staff are all so friendly and helpful that it is a joy to visit the office for my adjustments. I would highly recommend this office to anyone interested in getting their body into the best shape they can."

- Helen M.


“After suffering from back pain for 35 years of my life, I am very thankful that I chose to seek care at Crouch Family Chiropractic. While attending a class at Curves, Dr. Crouch was there conducting free spinal scans to help spread the word of the great benefits chiropractic care can have on someone’s health. It was then I decided to call Crouch Family Chiropractic and set up an initial exam. Before going to see Dr. Crouch, I had spent years of periodically exercising which only resulted in temporary relief of my pain. Dr. Crouch was extremely informative and I was able to understand the role of my spine and how its alignment affected my overall health. I then began a personalized routine of care that best suited my individual needs. I’ve gone from seeing Dr. Crouch 3 times a week to only twice a month! My back pain has greatly diminished and I’m very pleased! If anyone were to ask how I felt about Crouch Family Chiropractic, I would have to say that it is aptly named as it seems like I am with family when I am there. The staff is always friendly and their professionalism is exemplary. I highly recommend Crouch Family Chiropractic to everyone who is interested in total health and overall improved wellness!"

- Joy R.


“While attending a women’s health fair, I had the opportunity to have my back scanned by the doctors at Crouch Family Chiropractic. I told them about a burning sensation and pain in my shoulders and they suggested that I come into their office for a thorough explanation of what their services could do for me. After my initial exam and the adjustments that followed, the burning pain I had been experiencing for at least a year was finally gone! I no longer had to continue my at home regiment of massages and taking over the counter medications. I am now able to move and lift without any pain. My posture is better, and it feels great being able to move my neck in each direction without any pain as well. I love continuing my health care at Crouch Family Chiropractic because the staff is very professional and friendly. They are always willing to work with me and my schedule if a conflict ever develops with my appointments!”

- Karen M.


“I know I want to be healthy. One of my activities to stay healthy is walking. I love to walk, so I decided to train and walk a ½ marathon. After beginning my quest, I began dealing with 8 weeks of persistent and constant hip pain which also developed into a constant limp. My first action was to seek treatment from a local Medical Care Facility. They told me about the severity of degeneration in my hip and recommended medication until a hip replacement is necessary. After 10 days of medication I was still in pain and no better physically. It was my son, Christopher, who was going to Crouch Family Chiropractic for Wellness Care who told me that chiropractic could possibly help. So I made an appointment. I have now been under regular chiropractic care with Crouch Family Chiropractic for a little over 2 months. Since starting chiropractic care I have seen slow and steady improvement. I thought I was going to have a permanent limp and that really bothered me! Now the limp is only present when I have overdone it or am very tired. The pain is gone most of the time. My range of motion with my leg is much improved. (I can even cross my legs!!! I couldn’t even think of doing that before because of the pain.) I feel that my treatment is in a positive direction rather than negative one (taking drugs or getting injections, etc.) Chiropractic has made a huge difference for me in my quality of life. It is a lifestyle. Chiropractic Care is Safe, Natural, and It Works!"

- Katherine T.

Back Pain, Sinus Problems, General Health

“I am in my third year of regular treatment at Crouch Family Chiropractic. I saw Dr. Chantelle until she began her “mom leave”, and then Dr. Brandon. Both have done well for me. Around twenty years ago, my first chiropractic experience was for lower back pain that had severely impaired my functioning. A friend referred me to a good chiropractor. After the first visit, I was so surprised that I could walk up straight and with minimal pain again. After the third treatment, I felt no pain. During the next several years, I went to the chiropractor only to have occasional flair-ups of back pain corrected. When I went to Crouch Family Chiropractic for treatment on my back, I was also given treatment that began to give relief for long-standing sinus problems. For the first time, I was given much more information on what chiropractic is all about and how following a recommended regimen of treatment can help the body heal itself. I am so glad that I decided to make this a regular thing rather than waiting until the need was more serious. When I began treatment here, I was taking an antihistamine every night so sinus drainage wouldn’t keep me awake. I was using an inhaler every day to control a moderate asthma problem. Now I keep those medications on hand, but rarely need them. My back problem doesn’t completely go away because my spine is not straight, but it doesn’t get bad like it used to. They never claimed that they could improve my cholesterol situation, but I have reason to believe chiropractic may have helped my body take better care of itself in that regard. I had been on a low dose of statin drug, healthy diet, and aerobic exercises that kept my total cholesterol below 200. But the ratio of HDL (good) and LDL (bad) was not at all satisfactory. I was delighted to hear results of my April, 2008 blood test. HDL: 86 and LDL: 83! I truly believe regular chiropractic care has helped my body gain better capability of taking care of itself!”

- Mary Ann C.

Back & Hip Pain

“My story starts back 3 years ago when I started having pain in my hip joint and spine. It seemed as though I was just living on pain pills. Other times I would get shots in both my hip and my spine. These only provided temporary pain relief. It wasn’t long before the pain would return. The result… they didn’t really fix the problem. I decided to seek the help of a chiropractor when I came to the point in my life where I could no longer do my house work or go shopping. Yard work was definitely not an option either. So I decided to go see the Doctors at Crouch Family Chiropractic. My results? After 3 months of regular chiropractic care I can now do most anything for someone 73 years old! I can do house work, go shopping, and even a little yard work if I take it easy! Chiropractic care has not only allowed me to reduce the medications and shots I was taking, but most importantly it has improved the quality of my life. I can do more and I feel better! That’s a win-win! I would recommend chiropractic to anyone!”

- Mary K.


“I am originally from Canada. Not long after moving to Bowling Green I injured my lower back and front groin on my left side. I was having a lot of pain and trouble with walking. I had plans to run in a 10k race here in town, and the treatment I was using for myself at home wasn’t improving my physical posture or my ability to walk. I knew I needed to see a chiropractor and get help with my injuries. That’s when I decided to call Crouch Family Chiropractic. When I first went in to visit with Dr. Crouch I had 3 weeks until the race I had been training to be in. Within 4 days of my first adjustment Dr. Couch had me walking and alternating with jogging. I was able to enter into the event, still with a little pain but I placed 6th in my age group! AMAZING! I have been continuing my care for a couple of years now and have complete faith in the entire office. They are extremely professional and caring individuals. I owe Dr. Couch’s knowledge in allowing me to enter the race and taking care of me!”

- Patti W.


“I chose to visit Crouch Family Chiropractic when I began to notice I was suffering from frequent headaches, along with neck and shoulder pain. It was actually about 2 years ago when I first began to pay attention to it. I tried suppressing the pain on my own by buying new pillows, a new mattress, and even taking medication. Nothing seemed to work. It only temporarily fixed my problem. I was in need of a more permanent solution! Going to see a chiropractor had never really crossed my mind, but I knew something was going to have to get done. That’s when I took a step in the right direction and called Crouch Family Chiropractic to set up an appointment. Since I’ve started seeing Dr. Crouch I definitely see an improvement with the pain that I was feeling in my neck and shoulders. The headaches I was dealing with are less frequent as well. I continue to improve my overall health at Crouch Family Chiropractic not only because it works but I also enjoy the friendly staff and the relaxed environment!”

- Sherita D.


“I have had neck and back pains plus headaches for years. While attending a Women’s Day Health Fair, I was able to speak with the doctors at Crouch Family Chiropractic, as well as have a scan of my back done. After seeing the results of the scan and understanding what it meant, I felt like I needed to give them a try. So I scheduled an appointment. During that appointment Dr. Crouch was very informative of how chiropractic works and I began to start treatment. For over 25 years I dealt with my health issues on my own. I would visit my primary care physician for a prescription or use something over the counter. This only relieved my pain for a short period of time. Now that I’ve been coming into Crouch Family Chiropractic on regular bases I do not have headaches as much. Also my neck and back pains are pretty much gone. My overall health is much better and it’s nice to be sleeping as well as I am now too! Coming into Crouch Family Chiropractic for my appointments is always a good experience. The staff is caring and friendly people. They work with my schedule and setting up my regular appointments when needed or seeing me if an emergency arises and I have an issue that needs adjusting. I have and would recommend Crouch Family Chiropractic to friends and family without any reservations!”

- Barbara S.


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